Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1964, Michael came late to choral music, singing in his first choir at the age of nineteen. Despite the rich and sophisticated musical forms that lie at the centre of Irish traditional music, choral music does not exist as part of that tradition.

His love of traditional song and the literary culture of his homeland led him to create the choral ensemble ANÚNA in 1987 as both a vehicle for his compositions and a unique choral form for Ireland.



Interview for The Celtic Mass 2016 on DELOS

An interview with Michael McGlynn from 2008

  • Excellent paper by Dr Stacie Lee Rossow of Florida Atlantic University that was presented at ACDA 2015 entitled Choral Music and Repertoire of Ireland: Defining the Irish Nationalists.

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  • Doctoral dissertation at the University of Miami, Florida "The Choral Music of Irish Composer Michael McGlynn" (Dr. Stacie Rossow) available to download from their site in PDF format HERE.

  • Dissertation at the University of Louisiana entitled "An Overview of the Choral Music of Michael McGlynn with a Conductor’s Preparatory Guide to His Celtic Mass" (Dr. Karen Marrolli) is available to download from HERE.

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